3D shape model making

Today the children have been working hard to apply their knowledge of 3D shapes.

We used modelling materials (cocktail sticks, straws and plasticine) to build the shapes. We had to have good knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes including the vertices, faces and edges to succeed at the task!

IMG_0402 IMG_0406

IMG_0413 IMG_0419

IMG_0429 IMG_0430


Dogs trust

What an exciting day we have had! This afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Anna and Mo the dog from Dog’s Trust.

The school council have been raising money for this charity recently so it was good to learn about where our money is going.

Anna told us about how we can be good dog owners as well as how to be safe around dogs.

image image

image image

Thank you Anna and Mo!

Miss Marsden 😊

Playground hunt

There were some strange objects around the playground today!

We had to follow a set of instructions with clues to find where each object was hidden, take a photograph of the object and write down what we thought it was.

What a strange selection of objects!

image image

image image

image image

Trevon said that his group found a woolly mammoth and Mathew thought that this mean we are learning about the past.

Frankie said that his group found a rubber duck and it might have been left by someone that was having a bath.

Jayden thought that all of the objects were to do with a mammoth having a bath.

image image

Check back later to see what all of this was about!

Miss Marsden ☺️

A taste of the rainforest!

To finish our IPC topic we have been making smoothies using ingredients which are grown in the rainforest.

We voted for the ingredients we wanted to use as a class. The winners were bananas and mangos which come from rainforests in Asia, pineapples which come from the rainforest in South America and coconuts which come from rainforests around the world.

Everybody in the class had a part to play in making the smoothies and the whole class loved the activity!

image (1) image (2)

image (3) image (5)

Jenson: I liked it because it tasted of banana and that is one of my favourite fruits.

Lexxie: I liked making the smoothies because it tasted nice.

Jayden: The smoothie was weird because I half liked it and half didn’t like it!

Frankie: I liked the blending because it mixed solid fruit into liquid.

What was your favourite part of making the smoothies?

Miss Marsden 🙂



Our Rainforest documentaires

Recently, we were contacted by Newsround about a competition! We had to send in a documentary about a place we have been learning about. As we have been learning about the Amazon Rainforest, we thought that would be a good place to produce a film about.

We know that to make a good documentary, we need to write it first. We wrote non-chronological reports including fun facts, titles, subheadings, diagrams and captions. The children worked really hard on these reports and have produced some amazing writing!

To turn the reports into a documentary, we used the green screen to project images of the Amazon Rainforest behind us. Well done team 5!

Here are some of our documentaries:





Miss Marsden 🙂




What great scientists we are!

Today in science, we conducted an investigation to decide which material was the best reflector. We were testing these materials so that we would know which material to use for a reflective book bag. We tested 6 materials: fabric, cardboard, paper, a CD, tin foil and bubble wrap.

To test the materials, we created our own reflection tester by pushing a torch through a hole in a piece of white card. The materials which were the best reflectors lit up both sides of the card.

We found out that the CD and the tin foil both reflected light. Although the CD was the best reflector, we decided that tin foil would be the best material to use for a book bag because it would be easier to attach.

IMG_0392 IMG_0385

IMG_0382 IMG_0377

What did you notice about the reflective materials?

Miss Marsden 🙂


Say “No!” to bullying!

Last week was anti bullying week and team 5 took part in lots of activities surrounding the issue of bullying. We wrote letters to people being bullied offering them advice and we discussed lots of different scenarios and whether we thought they were bullying or not.

On Thursday, the whole school took part in a balloon release to send the message that Charlestown is against bullying! It was lovely to see the children standing together for such an important cause.





Where do you think your balloon will end up?

Miss Marsden 😊

Our tribal masks

We’ve had great fun making tribal masks!

First, we looked at examples of tribal masks and face paint designs worn by indigenous tribes in the rainforest. We chose colours and patterns that matched the real designs.

Then, we created our own masks using oil pastels. We used oil pastels to show the darker colours used by Amazon tribes.

IMG_0313 IMG_0304

Jenson’s tribal design and mask.

IMG_0312 IMG_0297

Jayden’s tribal design and mask.

IMG_0310 IMG_0298

Trevon’s tribal design and mask.

IMG_0311 IMG_0294

Michael’s tribal design and mask.

What did you enjoy the most about making your mask?

Miss Marsden 😊

Our introduction to non-chronological reports

Despite the cold weather, team 5 went on a treasure hunt outside today!

Their task was to collect facts about the Amazon Rainforest which were scattered around the playground.


The children then needed to work with their group to decide which subheading the fact belonged to.

The 4 subheadings were:

Where is the Amazon Rainforest?

What animals live there?

Human life in the Amazon Rainforest.

What dangers does the Amazon face?

The children had to read each fact very carefully to decide where it belonged. They have learned that when writing non-chronological reports, they need to include subheadings and relevant facts.

Here are some pictures of the children working cooperatively; I am so proud!

image image

image image

image image

What else do you know about non-chronological reports?

Miss Marsden ☺️

Rainforest dancing

What fun we have had dancing today!

Every Thursday morning, we will be working with Sarah who has come from another school to teach us dance. We are looking at rainforest dance and today the children had to pose as lots of different animals using high, low and medium shapes as well as balances.

The children worked on their own at first.

image image

They then put their moves together to work with a group.

image image

Which animals did you choose and what kind of shape did you use to represent this?

Miss Marsden ☺️