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More fantastic research

Thank you again to all the children who have done brilliant research at home this week.

I am really impressed with the wide range of tasks that are being completed.

Thank you to parents and carers for helping your children!

 Alan’s homework

 Joshua’s homework

 Etinosa’s homework

 Kaysha’s homework

Well done team 5!

Miss Marsden ☺️

Poetry Day

As part of poetry day, as a school we were set the task of performing a poem. Team 5 have learnt a poem all about autumn!

We are going to use our poem to perform in the Harvest assembly.

Our task was to perform our poems which meant we had to use expression in our voices and we also learnt actions to go along with our performances. We performed our poem outside within the autumn trees in keeping with the theme 🙂

Please watch and tell us what you think!

Miss Marsden 🙂


Our amazing homework!

Well done to all of the children that brought in fantastic homework this week!

Here are some examples of homework by children who have created a wanted poster for a Spartan warrior, looked at the foods that Greek people may have eaten and written about a Greek god.

Miss Marsden ☺️

City in the community

This half term, we have been lucky enough to take part in PE sessions with Liam, a coach who has come from Manchester City!

The children have loved taking part in team games and developing their skills in moving forwards, backwards and sideways.

Miss Marsden ☺️

We love to read!

We love reading in team 5!

To support our reading, we have a super reading area.

We have a display which shows what we are thinking about our class novel, ‘Beasts of Olympus’ and some pictures of us reading in unusual places!

We have an author of the month display showing which author we are looking at in class for our class read.

We like to know what types of books we can read, so we have separate baskets for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Finally, we have lots of amazing writing hanging from our ceiling! We wrote character descriptions about our favourite book characters and tried to persuade someone to save our character from a falling hot air balloon.

We hope you enjoyed looking around our reading area!

Miss Marsden ☺️

Ancient Greek Workshop

This week, we were were visited by the 2500 year old Polynikes! Poly had come to visit us from Athens in Ancient Greek times.

Poly told us all about where Greece is on the map and explained a gory story about how the Ancient Greeks thought the world began! Some children were then asked to help Poly to act out Theseus and the Minotaur.

Later in the day, a scary Greek soldier joined us! He was wearing a bronze helmet and was carrying a huge spear!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Miss Marsden 🙂

Welcome back!

What a busy start to the school year we have had!

In English we have been reading a text called ‘Beasts of Olympus’ which is all about a boy who has to go and help the gods on Mount Olympus.

In maths we have been looking at lots of different ways to represent numbers. We have used base 10, blank number lines, place value counters and more!

For our homework this half term, you will need to complete one task each week. For each task you complete you will earn points. You MUST complete one English and Maths homework each half term.

I hope you are enjoying year 3 so far!

Miss Marsden 🙂

Rocket Mouse

What a busy half term we have been having!

In Science, we have been investigating with Rocket Mouse. It is an investigation to see what happens when you put a cone shaped mouse on top of a milk bottle and ‘bang’ it! We planned our investigation, thinking about what our question would be and what variables we could change. We then had to decide with our teams what we were going to measure.

Some teams chose to measure the distance that the mouse travelled and some groups decided to measure the time it took for the mouse to hit the ground. We made predictions about what we thought would happen.



Miss Marsden 🙂


Welcome back to the new half term!

This half term, we are going to be learning about Chocolate!

As part of this, we will be focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our English text.

So far this week, we have found some diary entries written by the different characters scattered around the playground. We had to try and work out which character had written which diary entry.


For our entry point for our new Chocolate topic, we got to taste different types of chocolate! We thought about the differences in taste between white, milk and dark chocolate as well as some savoury foods. We decided that dark chocolate is very bitter and white chocolate is sweet.

We also considered whether we would still want to eat chocolate if it looked and smelt different.


Miss Marsden 🙂