Monthly Archives: November 2017

Mirror maze

We had lots of fun in science this week! We were learning about reflection and how mirrors work.

We completed an activity where we had to draw a wiggly line on the floor, and by looking only in the mirror, walk along the line!

This was tricky because the mirror makes everything look the opposite because the mirror shows a mirror image!

Miss Marsden ☺️

Nutrition talk

Today we had a talk about nutrition from the ladies at Manchester Fayre!

They told us all about the amount of sugar that is in some foods. We know that we should only have 6 cubes of sugar in one day. They also showed us an app called Sugar Smart which can be used to scan different foods and tell us how much sugar is in them.

We were even able to hold some “fat”! It was disgusting!


Thank you for coming in to talk to us!

Miss Marsden 🙂


Europe topic launch

This week we started our new topic, Europe!

We loved using travel brochures to book our own holiday with our friends to a European destination. We then went to get our euros from the Beaurau de Change and went to passport control! After we had done all this, we went to board a plane from Charlestown Airport.

Miss Marsden ☺️

Amazing Athens

Thank you to Isabelle for bringing in this amazing model of Athens that she completed at home over the half term!

We had some fantastic homework brought in last half term so well done to all the children and thank you to the parents and carers who have helped them.

Our topic this half term is Europe, and the children have some new research journal tasks to try.

You can find a copy of this in the homework folder on the blog.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Marsden ☺️

Can you see in the dark?

This week, we launched our new science topic- light!

We thought about what light is and which objects are sources of light. We got a bit stuck when thinking about the moon, which is actually a reflector of light and not a source!

After this, we tried to use our senses to tell what things were without seeing them! Miss Marsden even turned the lights off to make it even darker. What fun we had!

Miss Marsden