Poetry Day

As part of poetry day, as a school we were set the task of performing a poem. Team 5 have learnt a poem all about autumn!

We are going to use our poem to perform in the Harvest assembly.

Our task was to perform our poems which meant we had to use expression in our voices and we also learnt actions to go along with our performances. We performed our poem outside within the autumn trees in keeping with the theme 🙂

Please watch and tell us what you think!

Miss Marsden 🙂


4 thoughts on “Poetry Day

  1. Wendy Javaid

    What an extremely animated and entertaining performance!! I loved watching this video! Well done Team 5

    Laila’s Mum

  2. Mrs. Brady

    Team 5
    I loved, loved, loved watching your performance!!
    It was great to see every member of team 5 joining in and working as a TEAM!
    Well done everybody, keep up the great work!
    Mrs Brady


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