What great scientists we are!

Today in science, we conducted an investigation to decide which material was the best reflector. We were testing these materials so that we would know which material to use for a reflective book bag. We tested 6 materials: fabric, cardboard, paper, a CD, tin foil and bubble wrap.

To test the materials, we created our own reflection tester by pushing a torch through a hole in a piece of white card. The materials which were the best reflectors lit up both sides of the card.

We found out that the CD and the tin foil both reflected light. Although the CD was the best reflector, we decided that tin foil would be the best material to use for a book bag because it would be easier to attach.

IMG_0392 IMG_0385

IMG_0382 IMG_0377

What did you notice about the reflective materials?

Miss Marsden 🙂


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