Book Look

Today in Team 5 some of our parents joined us to have a look at our books.

The children had the chance to talk to their parents about the work they have been doing in class. They also told them about the work they were most proud of.

The children really enjoyed having their parents in to share their amazing work! Thank you to Lilly-Jo’s mum and auntie, Jayden’s mum, Jenson’s mum, Rebecca’s mum and TJ’s stepdad for joining us.

image  image

image  image

Jenson’s mum: I really enjoyed looking through what Jenson has been up to in class.

Jayden’s mum: Jayden enjoyed explaining about the different pieces of work in his books, thank you.

Rebecca’s mum: It was fantastic, well done and thanks.

Miss Marsden 😊


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