Our money dilemma!

Team 5 were interrupted during their SPAG lesson today by Mrs Lord who told us she had found an envelope with money in it outside our school.

Mrs Lord asked for our help to work out what she should do with the money.


We worked in our KAGAN teams to think of some things we could do with the money. Most of us said that we could give it to the police, to charity or keep the money and use it to buy things for the class.

We then made a conscience alley, and Darcy walked down the middle as she wasn’t sure what she would do with the money. Each person had their chance to convince Darcy what was the right thing to do! 

image  image

In the end, Darcy said that she would return it to the police because she would be worried about how the person who lost the money might feel.

What a tough decision it was!

Can you tell me what a dilemma is? 

Miss Marsden 😊




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