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Fractions Journey

We have been so busy this week in maths learning about fractions! The children have all worked really hard and have developed their understanding of fractions.

Pink group have been finding half of sets of objects and even numbers.


Have a look at our maths journey.

We started the week by finding fractions of a set of objects.


Lilly-Jo’s work 

We then moved on to finding fractions of number and shape and looking at the relationship between fractions and division.


Frankie’s work

Then, we started to solve problems involving finding fractions of number.


Alekss’ work

Finally, the children had to explain their reasoning and decide whether the statements were true or false.


Sufy’s work

Well done Team 5!

Have you enjoyed our fractions learning?

Miss Marsden 😊


We love outdoor learning!

We have been learning all about number in maths.  Today we were using number lines, but instead of placing numbers we were placing fractions on the line! Instead of doing this in our maths books, we thought it would be fun to make a human number line outside!

After we had placed 1/2, we started to find it a bit tricky.

Lots of us thought that if the fraction has a bigger number on the denominator, then the fraction is bigger. After lots of resilience from the whole class we realised that if a fraction has a larger number on the denominator, then the whole has been split into more parts and therefore each part is smaller.

IMG_2761 IMG_2760 IMG_2759

We now know that fractions are one whole split into equal parts!

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

Miss Marsden 😊


Saving the World entry point

This afternoon, we transformed our classroom into a rainforest! We listened to rainforest sound and produced lots of rainforest crafts, choosing our own materials.

We did this because we are about to start our next topic which is all about Saving the World. Miss Marsden told us we will be learning about the Amazon rainforest, what is being done to destroy it and the effect this could have on the animals and plants that live there.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying our afternoon.


Melina, Mathew and Jayden using tissue paper collage


Trevon making a rainforest snake 


Michael and Shakur using oil pastels for their artwork

What are you most looking forward to about our rainforest topic?

What sort of things can we do to save the world?

Miss Marsden 😊

Our money dilemma!

Team 5 were interrupted during their SPAG lesson today by Mrs Lord who told us she had found an envelope with money in it outside our school.

Mrs Lord asked for our help to work out what she should do with the money.


We worked in our KAGAN teams to think of some things we could do with the money. Most of us said that we could give it to the police, to charity or keep the money and use it to buy things for the class.

We then made a conscience alley, and Darcy walked down the middle as she wasn’t sure what she would do with the money. Each person had their chance to convince Darcy what was the right thing to do! 

image  image

In the end, Darcy said that she would return it to the police because she would be worried about how the person who lost the money might feel.

What a tough decision it was!

Can you tell me what a dilemma is? 

Miss Marsden 😊




Magic Box Poems

In English we have been writing poems with similes!

We based our poems on ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. We really enjoyed this poem, especially the verse with opposites and coming up with our own actions to go with each line.

Here are some of our poems. We first wrote them in our books and then we read them out onto Adobe Spark, practising using expression in our voices. We hope you like them!

Some of our written poems:







Some of our recorded poems:

Trevon and Abbie

Alfie and Darcy

Sufy and Kaydence

Miss Marsden 🙂


Welcome back!

Hi Team 5!

I hope you have enjoyed your first day in year 3. We have worked hard today looking at place value in maths, writing letters in English and completing some team building games together.

You should all have your reading books now, please remember to do a few minutes of reading at home and ask your parent or carer to sign your diary.

Image result for reading book clipart

If you do not have your PE kit in school yet, we will be doing outdoor PE on Thursday and indoor PE on Monday.Image result for pe kit clipart

Our homework will be given out on Friday and you will need to return this to school by Thursday the following week.

I can’t wait to continue our learning together this week, remember to try and earn silver and gold cards!

If you want to reply to a comment on our blog, you can use our class email address:

Miss Marsden