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Adjective Tag Clouds

Today in our English lesson we have been making Tag Clouds.

We came up with different adjectives to describe Isis who is an Egyptian goddess and a character from the legend ‘The Quarrell between Horus and Seth’. We then typed these adjectives into Tag Cloud.

Here are some of our amazing Tag Clouds!

image (86) image (87) image (88) image (89) image (90) image (91) image (92) image (93)

Magnetic game

We have had so much fun in science this week making magnetic board games!

We have learnt all about magnetic forces and how magnets work so today we were able to show what we had learnt by making a game.

Our games work by the magnet attracting the metal paper clip and pulling it.

Keira and Arsal's game

Keira and Arsal’s game

Brooke's maze game

Brooke’s maze game

Musa and Riley's fishing game

Musa and Riley’s fishing game

Kya and Lanie's game

Kya and Lanie’s game


What type of magnet game would you invent?

Welcome back

Welcome back to the new half term!

I hope you have had an enjoyable, relaxing break and are ready for the half term ahead.

This half term we will be learning about:
Operations, geometry, number and measurement in maths.
Egpytian Legend stories in English.
Temples, tombs and treasures (Ancient Egpyt) in topic.
Dance and football with Man Utd coaches in PE.
Recorders in music.

Our PE days will be Monday and Wednesday.

What exciting things did you do over the holidays?
What are you most looking forward to learning about?


Miss Woodward 🙂