Rainforest Musical

This week Team 5 have been focusing on sounds of the rainforest! We plotted a route along the Amazon River and what sounds we might hear along the way. We decided we would hear rain dripping, wood cutters, trees crashing, animals reacting, rain pouring and tribes people. We then used a variety of instruments to create our own musical with our very own conductor, Miss Walton!


We hope you enjoy watching our musical we much as we enjoyed creating it!

Team 5 ­čÖé


2 thoughts on “Rainforest Musical

  1. Tom Whiteley

    I enjoyed showing my family the musical, we watched it lots of times. My mum closed her eyes and guessed the story of the wood cutters. What will we be learning next?

  2. Miss Francis

    Team 5, I loved your rainforest musical! I sat at the front with my eyes closed and I really felt as though I was there! Thank you!


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