Monthly Archives: February 2016

Amazon dancing!

We’ve been busy this half term with our new IPC topic: Saving the World! We have been learning all about the Amazon Rainforest.

This week we have been working with Sarah who comes in to teach us dance. She has kindly been able to link the dancing to our rainforest topic!

We had to pose like a butterfly, monkey, parrot, snake, worm and lots of other rainforest animals.

image (32) image (35)

We then worked in a small group and made connecting balances for each of the animals.

We created a low level balance like a worm.


image (37)

We created a medium level balance like a monkey.

image (38)


We created a high level balance like a butterfly.

image (40)

What did you enjoy most about our dance lesson?

Can you remember any interesting rainforest facts?


Miss Woodward