Rainforest Animal Workshop

Wow! What an exciting morning we have had in team 5 today.

A lady called Lyndsay came into school to show us some amazing rainforest animals and teach us about the conditions of the rainforest. We also learnt about what we can do to help save the rainforest.

image (19)

First, we met some giant African land snails.

We learnt that their slime is used in lots of skincare products and cosmetics!

image (25)image (21)image (22)

Then we met a millipede called Millie who has 260 legs! They live on the forest floor where it is dark. They do not have any eyes but do not need to be able to see, they use their legs to feel.

image (26)image (27)image (28)

After that, Lyndsay showed us a tree frog who was really cute! Tree frogs are great at climbing and she showed us that he could climb up our classroom wall.

image (12)image (7)image (13)

We then met a python. Some of us even got to hold the python around our necks.

image (1)image (17)

We met a sugar glider called Luna. She was a bit scared so Lyndsay had to feed her some sugary yoghurt to get her to come out.

image (4) image (5)

The last animal we met was a scorpion. We were a bit scared so Lyndsay kept it on her hand to show us.

image (31)

We had a fantastic morning and the children have learnt a lot about the rainforest.

What was your favourite animal?

What was the most interesting fact that you found out?

What would you like to find out next about the rainforest?


Miss Woodward 🙂

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