Our Times Table Songs!

Hi Team 5!

If you want to practise your times tables at home using the songs we learn in class, here they are!

Remember, if you can recite one of the times tables you will get 50 team points!


Miss Woodward 🙂


7 thoughts on “Our Times Table Songs!

  1. Lola Knowles

    Miss Woodward I’ve been practicing on my times table so don’t worrie I’m ready for four corners!!!!!
    And I’ve been working on my spellings!!!!

    X X X Lola (smily)

  2. Lola Knowles

    Miss Woodward I’ve been precing my times tables so don’t worry I’m ready for four corners !!!
    I’ve saw the blog it’s very good !!!!!!

  3. Tomas

    Hi miss Woodward I know my 12 times table here they are 12,24,36,48,60,72,84,96,108,120,132,144,156,168,

  4. Tomas

    Hi miss Woodward I’ve learnt my 13* using some sort of method that I don’t know what it is called so the first number is how many times you have to times the number for example 13*13 so first I look at the tens and that’s the number you times by so the number is 10 so it is 13*10 witch is 130 and 13*3 is 39 and 130+39=169 so that’s the answer


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