For the next 3 weeks in the morning, we will be working with our new teacher in our new classrooms.

What are you looking forward to about your new class?

Have you done anything exciting in transition that you would like to share?

What are you going to miss about your old class?

36 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Abeesha

    I’m looking forward to all the hard work. I would like to share that some of my friends form class 3 are in class 6 with me:) All the people like Farrah,Evie,Lexia and Aaron. I am going to miss all my friends like Ayishat,Shakur,Nicholas,Riley and Millie that have moved to class 7 instead of class 6 it made me feel sad 🙁
    Also the people on my new table are Chelsea,Kayden,Kaitlyn and me 🙂

  2. ayishat

    I enjoyed my new class because we made some tray lable,clookroom lable.
    The people on my table are dj,madison,courtney.

  3. marc

    I am looking fowerd to doing numarcy and litracy and Big write.
    we have bin doing pre learing and are pegs and singing and team points.
    I am going to miss my frinds and teachers and my classroom and my work.

  4. Luca

    That I am going to meet a lot of new children and teacher’s.We have done some exiting pre-learning.I am going to miss my teacher’s.

  5. libbie

    I am looking forward to meet all of the new people in my new class. We all made a passport so we could know some more about each other. I am going to miss my friends Millie and Courtney.

  6. ufumwen

    What are you looking forward to about your new class?beihever you, good writing and good looking,good listing.I enjoy my new class.

  7. maddie

    I am looking forward to meeting new people and working with them.
    We did a passport about our selves and people can read them.
    I miss my friend millie because she is going in class 7.

  8. rihanna

    I am looking forward to be in class six because I like maths and literacy and dowing all the fun things

  9. reynaldo

    i am looking forward to be going to class 7 i even have people from class 6 i had a amazing time at class 7. but i miss lots of people when we were in class 5 i am really sad because all of the class 5 cant come in class 7. 🙁 people in my team are all my friends. 🙂

  10. courtney

    1.I am looking forward about more literacy and numeracy and more grid methods on an blank number line.
    2.I have enjoyed making a story book and i have got a amazing teacher.

  11. millie mae

    I am looking forward to learning in team 6.
    I enjoyed making my pass port.

  12. maisie

    I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing what they can do.
    I love transition because I have an amazing teacher called miss marsden

  13. Luca

    I like my new team mate’s because they are so helpful and I have made some new friends and they and they are called Aaron and Ben.

  14. ufumwen

    What I like about my new class is that new people come in the classroom and enjoy numeracy,litracy and cooking crew.:)

  15. talia

    I like my old teacher from team 5 called Miss Marsden. I like her because she is kind.
    It Is going to be good in team 6 because I will get to see friends

  16. Nayshorne

    I Love my New teacher she is the best and really is nise she like,s teaching I Like change because you

  17. maddie

    I am looking forward to working with some year 2’s. My new class is fantastic and I miss Courtney who is going in class7.I have still got maisie in my new class and I have the same teacher. We made pastports so people can read about you in your new class.I really miss Courtney because she is not in my class any more.I have Miss Marsden,Maisie and Libbie.


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