Team 5 try some skipping!

This week has been Sports Week at Charlestown. We have had Sports Day and we have also been lucky enough to try out some skipping with a lovely gentleman that came in to teach us!

We learnt to do lots of different skips:

P2110624 P2110632

P2110634 P2110631


Then things got a bit confusing when we tried Double Dutch!:

P2110654 P2110647

I hope everyone enjoyed Sports Week, especially working together in your teams.

What was your favourite part?



21 thoughts on “Team 5 try some skipping!

  1. nicholas

    on friday it was skipping day when we got into the horl and lisned to the man then done
    some skipping.

  2. Abeesha

    My favourite game on sports day was domes and dishes because I was Riley’s partner and he was really fun.

  3. millie mae

    In sports day I enjoyed the egg and spoon race because it was fun when we went though the hop some of the children drop it.
    In skipping we did some hard work and some of us wiped are selves.

  4. reynaldo

    i enjoyed skipping because we saw people in are school skipping and they were excellent and amazing i am sure that are class enjoined it :).

  5. rihanna

    I like’t sport because I was with my big sister called demilee she was so good at it it was so fun when we did it

  6. maisie and kayden

    We enjoyed double skipping. We enjoyed watching the man skip and skip our self’s.

  7. amy and nikola

    I enjoyed skipping where to teatchs had to do some skipping with the children.
    ufumwen was skipping as fast as she could she was the best


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