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For the next 3 weeks in the morning, we will be working with our new teacher in our new classrooms.

What are you looking forward to about your new class?

Have you done anything exciting in transition that you would like to share?

What are you going to miss about your old class?

Team 5 try some skipping!

This week has been Sports Week at Charlestown. We have had Sports Day and we have also been lucky enough to try out some skipping with a lovely gentleman that came in to teach us!

We learnt to do lots of different skips:

P2110624 P2110632

P2110634 P2110631


Then things got a bit confusing when we tried Double Dutch!:

P2110654 P2110647

I hope everyone enjoyed Sports Week, especially working together in your teams.

What was your favourite part?



Our science topic

Who can guess what our next science topic is?


Use the BBC website to find out some facts about our next science topic!

Post your amazing facts here.

If you finish, and you have posted a fact, there is a game for you to play here:


G’day Team 5!

This week we are going to be learning all about the country of Australia.

In your ICT lesson, I would like you to find out as much information about the animals that live in Australia as you can.

You can do this by clicking on this link:

click for info on pic 

I can’t wait to read the information that you find!