Half Term Recount

I hope everybody has had a fantastic half term holiday and is ready for the half term ahead at school.

I would like you to write a recount of what you did in the holidays, just like we would do in our books in class!

In case we have forgotten, a recount is a piece of writing that we use to explain what we have done.

Try and include these writing secrets:

  • Adverbial starters for time. On Monday, I went to the cinema with my friend to see The Lego Movie.
  • Who/Which extension. I went to Ben’s house which is just down the road from school.
  • 2A. I ate a delicious, tempting strawberry ice cream.

Remember to include capital letters, full stops and commas. There will be a prize for the best recount.

Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Half Term Recount

  1. Luca

    In the half term, I went to the arcade and to the picture’s to watch Malificient amazing and good.My sister went to the 1D concert.

  2. Reynaldo

    In the half term i went to the circus i saw a hairy,ugly,fat clown and he was ridding a ball and a silver,blue bike the bike had three wheel’s the clown was funny. And my brother had a go of the bike and he fell of it i had a great time at the circus:). The next day we went in town we stayed up at 2 o’clock in the morning and it was a bit sad because there was homeless people there. We had chips and chicken and we went to a staged and it had a holes and it came out water from the hole i ask my mum if she we all can i go in the club.Then we went home and went bed because we where tied and when we waked up we had a party.In the party there was 39 people.

  3. kean

    I wentyo my grandads house and I wochst how I met yor muver up the big ,larg sders ar broun sters .Arter theat I caymdouyn the sters Igot a caick wev gam in the midul.and Iwent bace to the teyve

  4. Millie mae

    In the half term I went on a surprise holiday to s.t Ives. when we arrived we went to the beach and played in the sea all day but it started to rain.The next day it was sunny so we got an ice cream that night me and ruby went to the arcade. On Friday we left back to Manchester.

  5. ayishat

    On Saturday, I went to Heaton park with my friend’s and my sister.
    On Sunday,I went to Abeesha’s party and we were drawing on a peice of ballon and me and shakur’s ballon poped and i got anuther one and i won a medel and it was gold.
    I went to my friend’s house who is 6year’s old .

  6. danni

    On saterday I went to the toy box to play then I went to my antey’s I saw a my cuszons they sleppedt at my house for 2 weeks. On sunday I took them to the shop I whached the road.

  7. nicholas

    on monday i whent blackpool for 5 days and i got 8 teddeys and i whent in the swimming pool then whent pub.

  8. gracie

    On Thursday, I went camping it took 3 long ,boring hours. Wen we got there we put up our tent oh and I went with my dad , my uncul ,my anty and my cousin. Ferst we coleted wood for the fire Next we rosted marshmeows .


    On Saturday and Sunday, I went to Wales and played with my friends Mia and Neve.
    On Monday , I went swimming and there was poo in the swimming pool and sick.
    Then on Tuesday I went to all you can eat resonant it was fun.
    On Wednesday, I went to govalas world I saw lots of exiting things.
    Then I played out for 1 day.
    Then I went to one direction for 3 days

  10. abeesha

    On Sunday I went to someone’s christening at my church and after that nearly everyone who went to the christening went to Heaton Park! At Heaton Park I went on the train that took us all around, got Ice – cream and brought a long,hairy,orange worm also that can be used as a snake and tail. My brother went to play basketball with the other big kids I couldnt go because I was sitting on the train when they left. All of the dads were playing cricket. After that we had a big picnic on the soft,green grass. Finally, we all took a picture and went home. But I didnt go straight home because the people who made one of the foods asked us to take it home but i was a really big tub and my mum said we cant eat that much. So that the food wouldnt waist we took it round to some people’s houses and they took some. Only after that I could get home!

  11. Mrs Brady

    Wow I loved reading the recounts of your half term holiday team 5!
    Glad you are remembering to use punctuation in the correct places!
    It sounds like you had an lovely half term!
    Miss Marsden, could I give 10 teams points to each child who has used the class blog to write their fantastic recounts please!
    Keep up the great work team 5.
    I love reading your blog.

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Thank you Mrs Brady, I am sure the children will be thrilled with 10 team points!
      We hope you carry on reading our blog and keeping up to date with what we are up to.
      We all miss you!

  12. Mrs Brady

    Oh I miss you all too! But i’m loving the fact that I can see lots of photographs and lots of fantastic work that you have all been doing! Love the world map too! People from all over the world are looking at your work so keep it up team 5! I know you can do it!!!! 🙂 x


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