In literacy this week, we are going to be writing poems about WW2.

We are going to be using rhyming couplets and similes in our poems.

Can you write a simile or a 2A to go with any of the images? I have done an example for you.

The smoke coming from the cannon was as black as the night’s sky.

The thick, grey smoke shot out of the cannon.

If you have finished, try this rhyming words game:


21 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. missmarsden Post author

      I love this simile, Shakur. I can really imagine the flames moving around!
      Remember to use capital letters and full stops.

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Thanks Riley, and a great which extension from you!
      Can you write a sentence with a 2A about your favourite picture?

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Lovely Marc, I can really imagine the colour of the fire.
      Remember to include your punctuation.


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