Good luck Lewis!

Today was a sad day in Team 5 as we said goodbye to Lewis who is moving to Canada with his family!


If anyone has any messages for Lewis please post them on here so that he can keep in touch with us from his new home.

32 thoughts on “Good luck Lewis!

  1. Danni

    Hi Lewis it’s a sad day when you left us at school we found a ladybug we called it Lewis because we missed you!

  2. Miss Marsden

    Hi Lewis!

    We were all really excited to read your comments today.

    Can you tell us about your new country? How is it different to Manchester?

    1. missmarsden Post author

      It’s mine as well!
      We are on half term this week but we will send you some comments when we get back to school on Monday. 🙂

  3. maisie loftus

    Hi! so is kean he is leaving to lots of people are leaving now you have left it is so sad.
    We are all doing great. why did you have to leave ? Know people (children) are thinking about you.
    It is so sad you have been gone for manageress.
    In 7 weeks I am in year 4 I can’t wait until September because you are going in your new school.
    Are you excited?
    I am for you and me. Are you having a nice time. I hope you are. And can I come on a airplane and live with you.But you have to give me the money HA!HA!HA!

  4. Lewis

    Well I start my new class at Pine Street Elementary on Monday. I’ll let you all know how my first day goes. Miss You all very much.

  5. Clair Whittaker

    Hi Lewis,
    I hope that you are enjoying your new school, although I do know that it can be a little bit scary being the new person! It does get easier – I’ve been in my new school for about 7 weeks now and I’m remembering more and more names everyday!
    I bet you’ve really enjoyed reading the messages from your Charlestown friends – this is a great way for you all to keep in touch!
    Best wishes, from
    Mrs Whittaker x. 🙂

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Hi Lewis.
      We miss you too. We are just about to go to our ICT lesson and we saw your comment! We hope you are enjoying your time in Canada.
      Right now we are learning about World War 1.
      What are you learning at your new school? What are the teachers like?
      Have you made any new friends? What are they like?

      We are all excited because we are going into our new classes in September. Some of us are going into team 6 with Miss Marsden and some of us are going into team 7 with Mr Armstrong.

      We hope you reply to our message.

      From Team 5


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