LKS2 Trip to the Imperial War Museum

Today, Team 5 and the rest of Lower Key Stage 2 went to the Imperial War Museum to help us with our learning challenge, ‘Why was the World at War?’

We had a fantastic day learning about the war and looked at lots of artifacts from WW2 and other wars, thinking about the similarities and differences between them.

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Secondly, we took a trip to the top of the building which was about 100 stories high! Some children went up in the lift and others took the stairs (all 108 of them!). When we got to the top, we were able to look out onto the whole of Manchester below. Perhaps this would have been what Manchester would have looked like when the Germans were flying in aircrafts during the Blitz, although the buildings look a little different now!


FInally, we were lucky enough to speak to a man who was a child during WW2. He told us that he lived in London but was sent to the countryside to live with his grandparents when The Blitz started. We also spoke to a lady who already lived in the countryside so she did not need to be evacuated.



What did you enjoy learning about most on our trip?

Do you have any more questions that you would like to find out about World War 2?

15 thoughts on “LKS2 Trip to the Imperial War Museum

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Hi Danni,

      People died when the bombs fell during the Blitz. They could have been killed in the fires that started or by the explosions that the bombs caused, maybe getting buried underneath the buildings that fell.

      That’s why it was much safer for children to be in the countryside when the Blitz was happening!

      Miss Marsden

  1. Abeesha

    My favourite part was when I went on the lift and saw all the studios from the top.
    How many Germans were bombing England?
    Did the Germans go to sleep?

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Hi Abeesha,

      I’m not sure exactly how many German soldiers bombed England during the Blitz, but there were about 10 million Germans involved in WW2.

      Perhaps you could do some research and try and find out how many bombed England in the Blitz?

      The Germans would have had to sleep or they would have become very tired! I think they would have slept during the day as they were out in their planes at night time.

      I hope that helps to answer your questions.

    1. missmarsden Post author

      I’m glad you liked the sketching Marc. Remember that you need to use a full stop and capital letter even when you are writing sentences on our blog!

    1. missmarsden Post author

      I liked that part as well Libbie.

      What information did they tell you about the war?


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