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Half Term Recount

I hope everybody has had a fantastic half term holiday and is ready for the half term ahead at school.

I would like you to write a recount of what you did in the holidays, just like we would do in our books in class!

In case we have forgotten, a recount is a piece of writing that we use to explain what we have done.

Try and include these writing secrets:

  • Adverbial starters for time. On Monday, I went to the cinema with my friend to see The Lego Movie.
  • Who/Which extension. I went to Ben’s house which is just down the road from school.
  • 2A. I ate a delicious, tempting strawberry ice cream.

Remember to include capital letters, full stops and commas. There will be a prize for the best recount.

Good luck!


In literacy this week, we are going to be writing poems about WW2.

We are going to be using rhyming couplets and similes in our poems.

Can you write a simile or a 2A to go with any of the images? I have done an example for you.

The smoke coming from the cannon was as black as the night’s sky.

The thick, grey smoke shot out of the cannon.

If you have finished, try this rhyming words game:

Good luck Lewis!

Today was a sad day in Team 5 as we said goodbye to Lewis who is moving to Canada with his family!


If anyone has any messages for Lewis please post them on here so that he can keep in touch with us from his new home.

LKS2 Trip to the Imperial War Museum

Today, Team 5 and the rest of Lower Key Stage 2 went to the Imperial War Museum to help us with our learning challenge, ‘Why was the World at War?’

We had a fantastic day learning about the war and looked at lots of artifacts from WW2 and other wars, thinking about the similarities and differences between them.

P2110455 P2110464 P2110462 P2110463

Secondly, we took a trip to the top of the building which was about 100 stories high! Some children went up in the lift and others took the stairs (all 108 of them!). When we got to the top, we were able to look out onto the whole of Manchester below. Perhaps this would have been what Manchester would have looked like when the Germans were flying in aircrafts during the Blitz, although the buildings look a little different now!


FInally, we were lucky enough to speak to a man who was a child during WW2. He told us that he lived in London but was sent to the countryside to live with his grandparents when The Blitz started. We also spoke to a lady who already lived in the countryside so she did not need to be evacuated.



What did you enjoy learning about most on our trip?

Do you have any more questions that you would like to find out about World War 2?

3D Shape Fun

This week in numeracy, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We started the week by creating our own shapes using straws and play dough which was fun (and a little bit messy!).



Preparing to make 3D skeleton shapes.



Creating a square face for the bottom of the cube.



The finished product!

We also created our own class Venn Diagram to practise our sorting skills and to test our knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes.


Deciding where to place a cylinder!

Here are some websites and games that might help you with your learning at home:

Can you give me some facts about 3D shapes?

Punctuation Challenge!

Can anyone in Team 5 fix the punctuation in this piece of writing?

one sunny day miss marsden was walking to the shops when she saw a dog on its own she looked down to examine the label and saw that the big fluffy dog was called humphrey suddenly she realised that the dog had fleas quickly miss marsden backed away however she realised the dog needed a home so she took humphrey to the vet to have him cured they soon became the best of friends

How to write a comment

Hi Team 5,

Like we discussed today, if you want to write a reply to any of the blog posts you just need to click on ‘Leave a reply’. Then all you need to do is add your name and you can use our class email:

Miss Marsden