Evacuee Day

On Friday, as part of our learning challenge, ‘Why was the world at war?’ the Lower Juniors had an evacuee day. We came to school dressed as evacuees, were given our own evacuee label to wear all day, wrote letters home to our families as if we had been evacuated and followed an old war recipe to make our own carrot cookies using rationed ingredients!
We had a fantastic day. Here are some photos of us making our cookies.

P2110426 P2110425 P2110427

What was your favourite part of our Evacuee Day?

Miss Marsden

10 thoughts on “Evacuee Day

  1. Mr Squire

    Gracie, your outfit and the rest of your team’s outfits looked fantastic. Well done!

    Ps. Are there any cookies left?

  2. Kean

    My favourite part of evacuee day was when we made the carrot cookies and when we got to dress up.

    1. missmarsden Post author

      Hi Lewis,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed them.
      Do you know why people had to use strange ingredients like carrots in their cookies?

      Miss Marsden


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